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Written in late 2017 this book is a much need breath of fresh air in the current climate of stress and focus on what others have or the unfulfilled dreams. This book will help you find the happier you that’s been waiting to come out, regardless of your job, incoming, sex, or any other “label” that could be seen as hindering your happiness.

Learn from the example of a woman who lost virtually every relationship, suffered Parkinson’s disease for over half her life and yet remained happy to the day of her passing.

Get this book now and begin to find and spread the happiness that is you and your life!


Are you suffocating under a mountain of unfinished tasks? Are you treading water, as you watch your life pass before you?  Get this book and learn how to get 150% or more done immediately!

It’s time to turn to time-tested methods for getting rid of your procrastination habit starting today!

This book is based on hundreds of hours of reflection of his life, as well as discussions with hundreds of ordinary people just like you that struggle with procrastination in their daily lives. This book answers the questions about “why we procrastinate”, “how to stop” and “how to live a more productive & happier life”!


First published in 2013 under the title, “You, UNLEASHED”, this bestseller has been rewritten, with 25% more content added to help you overcome obstacles and find greater success and happiness! Now a 30-day program leads you through the most common things that hold people back from being their best self.

Get this book and learn real, working strategies that help you start on your real journey to finding and living your best self!



This free book will teach you that not all stress is equal, but that even good stress can hurt a person. You’ll learn about the different types of stress, and that even good stress can be detrimental without the proper strategies for coping well.

You’ll learn the background of stress in our lives, as well as practical things you can do immediately to minimize the impact of negative situations.

This short, but impactful book will get you on the road to living happy, whole and with increased energy.

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