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Jonathan Cragle (1965- ) was born the youngest of five sons, to Arthur and Lenore Cragle. Raised in the state of Iowa, he where he learned a strong work ethic & to explore & try new things.

When asked his greatest hope, Jonathan replied, “As you read my writings, I hope that my books and words will inspire your change, growth and a better life for you and your family”.

When Jonathan isn’t writing, he enjoys competing at CrossFit, reading, listen to music, watching sports, drinking great coffee, and following his families events & successes.

Jonathan’s the proud father of five children & they are the good in his life & the hope of a great, future generation.

Jonathan lives and writes, surrounded by the beautiful lush greenery of the Pacific Northwest near Bellingham, Washington.

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“I was blown away by this book. It was chock full of advice your coach, your grandma, a dear friend would give. It was in your face, yet compassionate… His book is just very practical. I will use it as a standard reference for getting things done. ”

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