Secrets to a Happier You “Secret Spot”

Welcome to the “Secret Spot”, which includes resources, videos, webpage links and resources created and gathered especially for you! These should be used to compliment the “Secrets to a Happier You” book.  You likely arrived here after finding the link at the start of the book or later when you were pointed to this page to view exciting videos by Les Brown, Tony Robbins and other resources. First, I want to express my eternal thanks for buying the Kindle or Print version of the book and remember that 50% of the profit is going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for research and a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.  Of the thousands of books published every day and the millions you could choose, I want to again thank you for choosing this one! As you read in the Author Note my mom suffered with Parkinson’s for 40+ years and she passed away at the age of 81 on July 7, 2016.  She would loved to have been cured, but she always expressed the hope for those who still suffered.  Your purchase is helping them, so from my family, THANK YOU!


BONUS 2 – Bonus Videos

Below you will find the resources referenced by chapter.  Bookmark this webpage and refer to it regularly as you read the book and beyond!


Day 1 Secret

  • It’s Possible – powerful speech by Les Brown about how the words “It’s Possible” will change your outlook on your life and your pursuits.

  • I’m the One – another motivation treat from Less Brown, that will change the way you see yourself and your place in the world, your workplace and your family.

  •  It’s You – So often we believe that you have to be called to impact life and people. Each of us are uniquely made and have a special place in the world. You can be an agent of change.  Listen to Les Brown motivate you and soar!

  • Raise Your Standards & Change Your Rituals by motivation expert Tony Robbins.  You’ll be shocked to realize how low our standards are for ourselves and others. By change them and changing our habits we will find happiness, regardless of our situation.

  • Powerful Motivation from Tony Robbins: 4 Keys for Staying Motivated through Tough Times – We all have tough times, it’s part of life, but how do we stay motivated and set ourselves up to thrive? Listen to Tony Robbins lead you through four keys he believes will help you thrive in tough times!

Day 9 Secret

Day 11 Secret

My recommended book list that you should buy and read to start out. They will motivate you and give you the tools to really hoard your experiences and not “things”.




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