Why You’re Not Reaching Your Dreams or “Get Out of Your Own Way”!

If you’re reading this then you likely fit the picture of a person who dreams, wants to pursue a new way or better way and yet you haven’t yet pursued your dreams! Why? What is it that is common to people who don’t follow or pursue their dreams? Are they weird or unusual? Are they less capable or smart than those who do pursue their dreams?

The answer to these questions include, people don’t pursue their dreams because they don’t know how or they are hindered by wrong beliefs. The answers to the final two questions are a resounding “NO!” Most people have plenty of smarts and are normal like those who do pursue their dreams. Below are the reasons why I believe that people don’t follow their dreams. Se which ones you can identify with and use the help to rid yourself of the wrong thinking, so you can change your life starting today!

7 Things Preventing You From Pursuing Your Dreams:

  1. Your Dream Isn’t a Top Priority – If I asked you what your dream was would you be able to succinctly state one or maybe two? Most people will give you a long list of dreams, but it’s virtually impossible to give all of them the time and energy necessary to fulfill them. Your dream should be at the top of the list and should be evidenced by what you put the majority of your time, energy & resources toward. Is your dream really at the top of your priorities? If not, then change it!
  2. The “I Can’t” Syndrome – Another one of the biggest ailments that afflict people from reaching their dreams is the excuse of “I Can’t”! You can find a plethora of examples and quotes about this syndrome. “As a man thinketh, so he is” is from the Bible. “If think you can or that you can’t, you’re right” was a famous Henry Ford quote. I could go on with additional quotes, but the point is that you need to remove the “I Can’t” terminology out of your vocabulary. Stop convincing yourself that you can’t and put that energy in trying to get better, more skilled or more knowledgeable in what you need to succeed.
  3. Unwilling to “Pay the Price” – People approach their dreams like they’re trying to win the lottery. They want the huge sums of money by only having to buy a ticket. This approach is by people who aren’t willing to pay the price necessary to reach their dream. There is a cost of time, energy, priorities, and money to pursue dreams. Most people aren’t willing to pay the cost necessary to reach them. Are you?
  4. Casual Approach to Your Dream – Most people either treat their dreams with too casual of an approach or they want to reach it in one big step! The truth is that you must work on your dream in a systematic, step-by-step approach. You can’t have a mediocre approach, if reaching this is really your dream. It will take consistent and persistent work to reach it. Create a plan of steps of things you should be doing to reach your dream. Then tackled one or two of them every single day.
  5. “Never Starting” Syndrome – The #1 killer of dreams is never getting started on them! So often people talk about what they want, they might even make a resolution or write it down, but their lack of acting on it is what kills it. You must start on your dream, even if it’s “scary” or you wonder how you’ll do it or any other thought or feeling that might hinder you from moving. The simple act of starting will move you from a “dream” to “action toward success”. A tip is to work on your dream with the mindset of “working on it for 5 minutes a day”. What you’ll find is that you’ll start putting more time, more energy and more focus into it after you just get started!
  6. “Opinions of Others” Disorder – Listening to others is important for having additional information, expertise and perspective. It helps us from making a rash or unwise decision. The problem though, is when we listen to others telling us what we can and cannot do. When we allow others opinions to determine the course of our life and dreams, it’s then that boundaries have been crossed and we need to stop that in its tracks! Don’t let other’s opinions determine your future!
  7. The “Inflexible Dream” Complex – Dreams & dreamers that are inflexible end up crumbling faster than a straw house in a hurricane! We need to be flexible to adjust to the changes that may be required to keep our dream alive & moving. The issue isn’t the changes, but our response that will decide whether our dream remains alive or if we simply let it die. I can’t stress enough that you be flexible to the course of ups and downs, positive and negative things that occur along the path.

There are certainly plenty of occurrences along the way that can affect our dreams, desires and ability to make them come to fruition. By following the encouragement for the seven items above, you will have a better chance of seeing your dreams come true. The process will be difficult at times and certainly there will be times when others tell you to quit. You’ll even feel like quitting yourself, but don’t! The one who sticks out the struggles will be the one who sees their dream coming true!

Here’s to you fulfilling your dream this year!

~ Jonathan Cragle